May, 2024

Above you will see details regarding our May 28th launch of Learning to Slow Dance with Footprints of Kindness. Please join me. There are many references to individuals from Middleton and my plan is to introduce many of you...Karissa and Shannon, Phyllis and Tony, Dorothy, Jeannie, Karen, Joan and George, Mr Peppard and family, Jane and Toni, Heather and the list goes on.  I am sorry I can't list everyone (or remember everyone but that's for another book!) I'm very anxious to spend several days in Middleton.

There will be time to share other news post May 28th.

Non Fiction

Learning to Slow Dance

From the Heart  

Ripple Effect of the Comfort Heart

If I Knew Then 

What I Know Now  

Lessons Learned 

Upside the Head

Comfort Heart

A Personal Memoir   

The Paradise Series

ISBN 978-1-990187-92-6
Pages 206
Price $22.95