October 18th, 2022

How is it even possible that we are so close to the end of 2022? The summer went by in a New York minute!

Book four in the Paradise Series, Paradise d'Entremont Private Investigator can now be order directly from my publisher www.moosehousepress.com. You can also pick it up or order it from your favourite bookstore if that works best for you. I was thrilled the day of our official launch party at the Sip Cafe in Meteghan. It was lovely to see so many of you in Meteghan or at any number of book signings throughout the province.

One of the highlights for me was to see a fan of the Series purchase book four and ask me to sign books one through four all fanned out in their hands.

Currently I'm well into my writing process for book five. I'm thinking this might be the wrap-up of the Paradise Series. Stay tuned for that decision.

I have an exciting speaking engagement coming up in November with the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute for Atlantic Canada so am working on that at the moment. Like all professional speakers, I put time and energy into each and every presentation I create. And I love the opportunity to look into the eyes of everyone in front of me.

I will be back here soon, and as always I would love to hear from you.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

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