The Comfort Heart Initiative

Thanks a million!

We have raised over one and one half million dollars for cancer research, and other programs, through the sale of Comfort Hearts, in a partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Hundreds of thousands of people have joined my team that I affectionately call the 'Holders of the Heart.' If you own a Comfort Heart you're on my team. Think positive thoughts each time you see a Comfort Heart. Wear it around your neck, hold it in your hand, put it on your key chain, tuck it away in your pocket or leave it somewhere so you can see it each day – whatever works for you.

Over the years, I have met individuals who have their own Comfort Heart stories to share. Many have found unique ways to pass the Comfort Heart on and keep the Initiative alive. I have received over 1000 letters with precious personal stories inside.

The Comfort Heart Initiative is my volunteer project dedicated to the memory of my mother, Mary Rose Cole (d'Entremont.)  In January of 1992, Mom and I were both diagnosed with breast cancer.  She died the same year - cancer killed her. This is my way of remembering my mother while giving back to the cancer community. She continues to influence me in all that I do.

To order Comfort Hearts or call 1888 939 3333 toll free

From the heart,

Carol Ann Cole

416 214 2344